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EXT Arma MX 1.159,00 


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–          New head design obtained from machined solid 7075 T6 aluminum
–          Longer reservoir body
–          Steel chromed shaft
–          New dedicated eyelet design with spherical bearings on both ends
–          New high flow piston
–          New cover guiding with a strong negative spring
–          New compression valve with wider adjustment range
–          New externally adjustable HBC


267/87 mm

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At EXT we are always focused on offering the best possible product for the specific application. Race cars, SSVs, motos, bikes, ATVs, every vehicle has its characteristics and requires custom solutions to achieve the best possible performance, safety and comfort.

This is why with the growing worldwide success of electric dirt bikes, and in particular of the ones produced by the Sur-Ron brand, we realized that there was the need to develop a bespoke damper that won’t only improve the performance of these particular vehicles but also increase safety, reliability and fun.

“Arma MX” is built around our well estabilished Arma MTB damper from which it inherited its name and all the properties that made its elder mountain bike dedicated brother famous.

However with Arma MX we put a lot of effort in developing a dedicate unique platform that offers some new implementations in terms of mechanical strength, to assure safe riding and unparalleled performance on those off-road electric vehicles, especially on the Sur-Ron e-bikes.

Main features:

  • New head design: Arma Mx boasts a newly designed head obtained from a machined solid 7075 T6 aluminum piece, to increase resistance and reliability given the higher weight of the e-bike and its off-road and MX track usage
  • Longer reservoir body: Longer reservoir body to accomodate longer damper stroke while keeping reservoir pressure at lower value, enhancing damper low friction quality and sensitivity even with higher temperatures.
  • Steel chromed shaft: The steel chromed shaft grants an increased resistance and extra toughness with the addition of a proprietary special low friction coating to further reduce friction.
  • Dedicated eyelet design and spherical bearings: Dedicated eyelet design to improve toughness and reliability and with spherical bearings to decrease friction and increase small bump sensitivity, traction and comfort.
  • New cover guiding and strong negative spring: The cover guiding has been redesigned and inside of it a strong negative spring will improve platform stability, further protecting from harsh top-out and helping with the rearwheel/swingarm load.
  • New high flow piston: New high flow piston design to improve sensitivity and tunability.
  • New compression valve: The new compression valve will incerase the adjustability range and help providing a smoother consistent riding.
  • New externally adjustable HBC: New externally adjustable HBC and more efficient design to increase bottom out protection.


Arma MX is specifically designed to be used on electric dirt bikes and is available in 267×87 mm measure.