EXT Ferro USD 36 Drop Crown


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  • 36mm hard chromed steel stanchions (heat treated 42CrMo4) with Superfinish surface treatment
  • Dedicated design triple clamp uppers machined from 7000 series aluminum
  • HS3 air spring system: featuring twin positive air system ¬+ 1 large negative self-balancing air chamber, providing an optimum level of support through the entire travel range.
  • Chromed steel air spring shaft with Superfinish surface treatment
  • High-flow 3-way adjustable cartridge with independent High/Low speed compression and rebound adjustments
  • External air pressure release valve system on both legs to normalize pressure with ambient environment.
  • Twin hexagonal floating axle, boost compatible ?20mm for maximum torsional rigidity at the axle assembly
  • Air spring and cartridge radial guide system with bespoke aeronautical seals (minimizing dynamic friction during side loading events)
  • Large piston design for best in class damping control and separate IFP/coil energized compression valve
  • No cavitation and low hysteresis
  • Self-hydraulic cartridge bleeding
  • Dedicated Mobile Sliding DU guiding system with super-long static overlap (for maximum guidance and best torsional rigidity). (CGB Continuously Guided Bushing system to increase stiffness)
  • 205 mm of travel and a shorter 44 mm offset for increased stability

Weight: 4500 g (with axle and lube)

205 mm

– 19 inch with flat crown
– 21 inch with drop crown


At EXT Racing Shox the study and the development of new technologies never stops. We are focused on the progression of design in order to bring the best solutions to the market with the aim of satisfying the needs of even the most demanding riders.
With the growing worldwide popularity of electric dirt bikes, we saw the specific need for suspension capable of matching these vehicles’ potential. We seized this opportunity to take our extraordinary decades-long know-how on suspension inside this new world, implementing a new custom solution to achieve the highest performance for our customers. Something that will truly bring your E-MX to the next level!

EXT Racing Shox is extremely proud to introduce the brand-new FERRO USD 36, an upside-down design suspension fork featuring 36mm stanchions to complete our E-MX line-up. The Hard heat-treated chrome moly steel stanchions (W/Superfinish surface treatment), 7000 series aluminum constructed upper legs utilizing a 205mm travel design with a dedicated triple clamp, comprise the core of the Ferro, developed for minimum friction and high stiffness.


The FERRO USD 36 fork utilizes our HS3 technology, a unique hybrid air spring system that operates in the same fashion as the already renowned ERA V2 MTB fork as well as other high end Moto options. The two separate positive air chambers work in tandem with a high volume self-equalizing negative air chamber to provide unparalleled mid-stroke support around the dynamic sag position while simultaneously offering amazing sensitivity and bottom-out protection.


A high-flow 3-way adjustable hydraulic damper cartridge  featuring an independent High/Low speed compression and Rebound adjustments sets the new standard in fork adjustability. This allows each rider to properly adjust the damping forces according to their individual riding style and weight. The possibilities to tailor the fork on your preferences have become unlimited.


We evaluated every aspect of the bushing design to provide a low friction solution to improve smoothness and sensitivity while maintaining structural rigidity. This process took us back to our 14 World Rally Championship wins, that make EXT the most successful suspension manufacturer in WRC.

Our new DU bushing material used in the FERRO USD 36 fork are sized to defined tolerances for each fork assembly to work in harmony with our dedicated EXT oil. This guarantees zero stiction and super low dynamic friction properties even when combined with high side loads. The dedicated DU guiding system made with a specific superlong bushing overlap ensures the maximum guidance and the best torsional rigidity characteristics of the stanchions. (We’ve called it, CGB, Continuously Guided Bushing system which also helps to increase the dynamic stiffness). Perfect alignment and excellent sliding are guaranteed by the wheel axle with double hexagonal head. This shape, associated with the double crown in 7075 aluminum, ensures maximum torsional rigidity.


The new FERRO USD 36 inherits the best technologies from our well-known ERA V2 and it optimizes them for the E-MX application by adopting an innovative radial floating shaft guide in the damper cartridge with a Superfinish surface treatment and new aeronautical seals, which takes the friction to the lowest possible level. EXT high-volume cartridge uses a high flow piston to generate control for your bike, an essential performance upgrade for spirited riding.

This large piston design provides the best damping control possible. The cartridge is also equipped with a bump valve design (HDRV –High Dynamic Response Valve) with 2 different shim stacks for mid and high speed and an Internal Floating Piston (IFP) guided and combined with a bespoke thrust bearing to enhance fast response and guidance. Our goal has always been to find a balance between all the internal cartridge pressures, and through a long development process we made possible the optimization of the internal forces reaching low values of hysteresis and no cavitation.